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How to Order

Whether you are looking to commission interpretation panels, park signs, gauge boards or standard commercial signs we try to keep the ordering process as simple as possible. 

Please feel free to phone Rob Shelley at any time to discuss how to proceed but these notes outline a typical order process. 

  • Complete a Shelley Signs on-line,  Enquiry Form  by following this link or phone Rob Shelley on 01743 460996.  We are happy to get involved at an early stage of the project and often provide quotes or estimates at the very early stages of a grant application. 

  • The normal process is for Shelley to obtain all details about your project – from this we can submit a quotation. 

  • Typical questions we ask include 

  • Quantity of signs 

  • Proposed size 

  • Whether you are supplying finished artwork or wish to use our Shelley Design services.  For more design questions see below 

  • What fixings are required - vertical mounting, lectern frames or wall mounted? 

  • Are fixings to be in steel or timber or do you require options for both 

  • On receipt of this information we will submit a quotation.  We aim to provide a fixed price quote but it can sometimes be an initial estimate. 

  • Once you are ready to proceed the order process needs to comply with your own procurement policies.  Local Government organisations tend to raise formal orders while Parish Councils and Friends Groups tend to send written or email confirmation. 

  • Payment terms will be agreed before an order is placed and will depend on the organisation and, where appropriate, credit checking.