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Paper Proofs

Paper Proofs 

At Shelley Signs we place great importance on supplying you with a paper proof before we go to final print.  Unlike most of our competitors we do not charge extra for proofs – but see it as an important part of the printing and production process. 

  • Most interpretive panels, park entrance signs or museum signs are part of a large project and no little expense invested in both time and money.  Often clients have not seen artwork at half or full size and the opportunity to do so brings to light small changes. 

  • A colour proof off our printer allows you to check that your artwork or PDF has been correctly interpreted by our software and that nothing unexpected has happened to formatting. 

  • With our modern printers colours and print quality are hardly ever an issue if the artwork is of a high standard.  Sometimes, when seeing a paper proof, it becomes apparent that a logo is of poor quality or colours have become overlapped – these issues can be corrected before the final print. 

  • Many print jobs demand colours that match particular corporate colours.  Due to the CMYK nature of all printers this does sometimes need a colour mix to achieve the required result.  Often this only takes a few minutes to achieve but it is better done early. 

  • Many designers submit paper proofs using A3 or A4 size desk top printers.  Given that the inks and processing software on commercial printers are totally different it is an impossible task to exactly match such proofs.  By seeing interpretive panel proofs supplied off our final production printer means there is no scope for any misunderstanding but colours can be tweaked if necessary. 

  • We often find that small grammatical corrections are made  to interpretive panels after a half size proof has been seen.  Sometimes this is because the scale of previous proofs meant it was impossible to distinguish between various punctuation marks, sometimes because at the larger size something doesn’t ‘look’ right. 

A large scale paper proof removes any uncertainty for a client before their interpretation panel is printed.  It provides an opportunity to spot last minute problems and to be happy that colours and text flow have incorporated correctly.  Given the amount of effort invested in creating the artwork and,  the many years that the typical panel is expected to last we think that this final check is only sensible.