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Sending Artwork

Uploading Artwork 

Large files are a nightmare to send by email – even with fibre optics they tend to hog capacity. 


In the past Shelley Signs have used a commercial file download service – initially You Send It’  the company names was, for some reason,  changed to Hightail.  We found this file upload service efficient although some clients felt it was unclear if their work had been sent. 


As part of the design of our new Shelley Signs website,  www.shelleysigns.co.uk we had  the opportunity to include a file upload facility within our own site.  This is being run on a trial basis initially and we would welcome your feedback and comments. 


On request we will create a section in the website for your artwork.  Please don’t think that by making this request you are being a nuisance – the real joy for us will be the ability to group customers and artwork together in appropriate files.  We will be able to manage your artwork easily. 


There are 3 options : 

  1. If you are, or envisage becoming a regular customer who will submit artwork to us more than once we will create a section for you and email you the link.  All artwork that you upload will be grouped in one folder. 


  1.  If you are a one off customer but plan to upload more than one file we will create a section for you.  This might relate to 

  • a client who is sending finished artwork for more than one sign, or 

  • a client for whom Shelley are creating the artwork and who wants to upload several files of content – perhaps word docs, jpegs of images, maps, instructions 


  1. If you are probably a one off client submitting a single finished piece of artwork we will direct you to a ‘Shared’ upload section.  


Please either phone or email for help or to request that a link be created for you.  Creating a link only takes a few seconds and you will then be able to upload artwork immediately.