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Interpretation Benches

Our range of timber benches offer an interesting solution for discreet but distinctive interpretation.   Benches can be decorated on the backrest with interpretation or Memorial messages.

With a combination of routing and sandblasting interpretation can range from simple text through to complex and detailed maps and illustrations. Full colour printed graphics can be incorporated into the backrests.

Shelley can create all artwork including illustrations – we have a large library of species illustrations designed for the sandblast process. Alternatively, we can work from your own designs.  Please call us to discuss design options.

Items on this page show our popular bench styles but we can also work to your own bespoke designs.

Interpretation Benches
Description Example
A timber bench produced in Cedar with sandblasted natural history illustrations on the backrest.  Shelley have a large library of wildlife illustrations suitable for sandblasting Sandblasted bench with interpretation graphics
An Oak Memorial bench with text routed on the backrest.  These benches can also include brass or printed plaques oak bench with routed text and images

A wooden bench produced in Cedar and complete with a WI logo sandblasted on the backrest.  When photographed this bench had been out about 5 years which gives a good indication of weathering.

Cedar bench with decorated back rest - interpretation images

A bench with backrest, produced in oak and complete with a selection of natural history illustrations.

oak bench with sandblasted natural history illustrations - interpretation

A great example of a decorated backrest with a verse and a selection of wildlife illustrations.

Decorated timber bench with backrest and picnic table
.  A timber picnic table designed to allow wheel chair access.  The backrest included sandblasted text and graphics. Picnic table with bench and decorated backrest - interpretation & natural history