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Decorated Bollards


Directional bollards are normally produced in timber.  They can be in oak, pressure treated softwood or recycled plastic.

Sizes vary depending on style, nature of the site and other items you are looking to match.   He most common style of bollard is 100mm square and usually 1.6 metres high.  With 600mm in the ground this allows 1m above ground.

Typical finishes for these bollards include

  • Weathered or angled tops, usually 1 or 4 way tops,
  • Routed bands to indicate routes, these are usually coloured
  • An area to display printed waymarker discs, sometimes a recessed area
  • Logos, numbers, crests routed or printed into the timber

We have also produced big chunky bollards, often at about 300mm square.  These frequently

  • Have a single way weathered top
  • Include tactile sandblasted graphics on the angled top or vertical face – these can be route information or decorative, sandblasted illustrations
  • Display full colour printed graphics – simple maps or snippets of interpretive information are popular choices

These tend to recommend producing these big bollards in treated softwood, as, in oak they are terribly heavy to handle and install.