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Finger Posts

Wooden finger post, oak or softwood availableThis Finger Post link is to a PDF with an introduction to oak, softwood and aluminium finger posts.


Finger posts.   Used for directing visitors around open spaces material options include oak, treated softwood, recycled plastic and steel posts with printed finger arms.

The timber and recycled plastic options normally include routed, indented text which is usually painted with the fingers morticed into the posts.  The softwood is pressure treated and posts stained or oiled to suit.

The steel fingerpost option will be galvanised and powder coated to an agreed colour.  The finger arms are printed on GRP or a variety of external grade PVC materials and fitted to the post with aluminium brackets.

Timber posts can be either square section or round – this will depend on style, other items on site you are Aluminium directional finger postlooking to match and the number of directional arms required.  Round posts give more flexibility for numerous arms or ‘non right angle’ directions.