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Lectern Frame Options

Lectern Frames

This page introduces our most popular styles of lectren frame.  They are a popular choice for a park and interpretation projects as the printed displays are set an accessible height for adults, children and wheelchair users.  Panels mounted in a lectern frame are not too obtrusive in the environment.

As standard all lectern frames are supplied with 1,600mm long legs with the mid point of the sign being set at 1,000mm above ground.  For installing 600mm deep holes are required, spade width, filled with Postcrete.  Dimensions and drawing for each frame style are available by request.

Popular Lectern Frame Options

Ref Description Example
L1 Powder coated aluminium.  This is the most popular style of metal lectern frame with an attractive finish and powder coated in colours to suit.  Delivered in kit form with the top section bolted to the legs on site.  This is our most popular style of metal lectern
L2 Mild steel.  All mild steel options are zinc plated (rather than galvanised) and powder coated in colours to suit.  We are now zinc plating rather than galvanising as it produces are far better and smoother finish with similar durability Interpretation panel in steel lectern frame

Stainless Steel.  Our normal finish is a Brushed stainless steel – to powder coat seems a waste!  Stainless lecterns are more expensive and we normally use them in a marine grade steel for coastal locations.

Interpretation panel in brushed stainless steel lectern frame

Oak.  Produced from air-dried Oak frames and legs, with timber sourced from FSC suppliers.  Oak gives a stylish finish and would be our recommended timber.  Please remember that all timbers will weather down and develop a silvery sheen over time.  Oak can be prone to some splitting.

Interpretation panel in an oak lectern frame

Softwood.  Produced with pressure treated softwood legs these softwood lectern frames are a slightly cheaper option than the oak equivalent.  However, if budgets will run to the slight extra charge it is well worth trading up to oak for a more stylish finish.  Softwood will also weather down.

Interpretation panel in a softwood lectern frame

Recycled Plastic.  Available in brown or black recycled plastic this material is becoming an increasingly popular choice for lectern frames.  We are more limited in the amount of ‘joinery’ that can be performed and therefore the profiles are slightly heavier than standard timber

Interpretation panel in a recycled plastic lectern frame

Single Leg Aluminium.  Smaller signs at around A3 or A4 size are normally supplied complete with a single leg lectern frame.  This example has a powder coated aluminium leg and clamp frame with a full colour GRP sign.

Interpretation panel in a single leg aluminium lectern frame

Single Leg Timber.  Signs at about A3 or A4 size are supplied with a single leg lectern frame.  A choice of either Oak or pressure treated softwood posts.  The signs are normally supplied without frames on these timber posts.

Interpretation panel on a single leg oak lectern frame

Decorated Lecterns.  Our range of sandblasted timber lectern frames provide a distinctive structure to mount interpretation panels.  Text and images can be sandblasted into the Cedar support legs to provide either simple or highly detailed illustrations with a choice of either natural history or standard images.

L9 Return Edge, Reinforced Back.  This frameless structure is a popular fixing option and can be used with either timber or metal lectern frame structures. Frameless Return Edge, Reinforced Back interpretation panel