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Aluminium Notice Boards

Aluminium Notice Boards

Produced as either silver anodised aluminium or powder coated to an agreed colour,  notice boards are glazed with shatterproof polycarbonate.  They are normally hinged,  lockable and supplied with a pinboard backer.

Aluminium notice boards can also be supplied with hinged doors but not locks to allow general access or as open units without doors.  As well as pin board backers notice boards can be supplied with a metal backer which allows magnets to hold your displays.  These metal backers can also be printed with a picture or graphic to make an attractive display when no notices are in the case.

Aluminium notice boards can be supplied with steel posts, for wall mounting or for fitting to railings.

Supplied as an integral sign unit is a popular solution.

Aluminium notice boards can be set off with a printed header panel giving the area, park or parish name.