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Park Signs

Park Signs

The scrolling banner, above, provides examples and an introduction to a range of recently produced park sign projects undertaken by Shelley.

We work with both graphic designers & clients who wish to supply their own final artwork and customers who wish to use our in-house graphic design skills.

Our products for parks range from large, feature entrance signs to Interpretation Panels, directional signs, waymarkers, by-laws, traffic control signs and lockable notice boards.  This section should provide you with some inspiration on ways to promote facilities, and how to educate, influence and control the movement of your visitors.

Important considerations for you include graphic design, content, materials, and framing options.  More detail on each is provided below.

Graphic Design

We can work from your own electronic artwork OR we can work with you to design your park signsShelley’s design input will depend on your own skills.  We can design from all your component parts, supply illustrations, create artwork for maps and either research or edit text.  Please explore the detailed Design Section of this website or discuss your requirements with Rob Shelley on Tel. 01743 460996


Park entrance signs usually aim to make an impact.  Interpretive panels, however, are more likely to be discreet.  Your desired effect can be achieved through your choice of size, shape, colour and fixing structure.  We also suggest you try and match and blend with existing street furniture.

Common framing materials include oak, pressure-treated softwood, or steel – either galvanised and powder-coated, or stainless steel.  Park Entrance signs tend to be vertically mounted.  Lectern frames, with the display at an angle, tend to be popular for interpretation panels.

Notice Boards

Notice boards are popular in a park environment.  They are hinged and lockable, and ideal for displaying information that is frequently changing.  Notice boards can be produced in either aluminium or timber.  They are normally glazed, with shatterproof polycarbonate, and are supplied with a pinboard or metal backer [for use with magnets].  Metal backers can be printed on, giving you an attractive and individual backboard.


The overall design and content of a park sign is critical to its success and usage.  Entrance or welcome signs should be striking, and they should quickly outline facilities available.  Here are some notes:

  • Content and design – ‘Less is more’ is a good principle to follow when writing text.  Keep your content brief, and your design simple.
  • Maps – Keep them really simple.  Nobody will remember more detail.
  • Text/Messages – It is tempting to combine several messages onto a few signs.  However, our experience suggests that spreading your content onto more, smaller signs will increase the impact of each message.
  • Directing and controlling visitor flow – Consider using directional finger posts, waymarker discs and waymarker posts, or bollards.
  • Detailed Byelaws – Often displayed on the back of the main signs, with the key rules shown on the face of the sign or on a separate plank
  • QR codes and Tags – A good way of encouraging visits to your website, so worth considering.


There is a wide choice of materials for the printing and finishing of park signs.  All of them try to provide a solution that produces attractive, high-quality print, in a vandal-resistant finish, with excellent colour fastness.

Shelley Signs recommends encapsulated Glass Reinforced Plastic.  This is a tough and robust finish for outdoor graphics that doesn’t detract from the quality of the print.  It is also tried and tested.  Shelley also work with a wide variety of other materials including polycarbonate, acrylic, foamex, and various timbers.


Shelley Signs are specialist suppliers of park entrance signs, directional signs and information signs for public open spaces.  We can supply design, printed graphics, frames and structures, and can get involved at whatever stage of your project you want us to. 

All our work, except steel fabrication, is undertaken in-house at our Shropshire factory, which you are welcome to visit to assess our capabilities.