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Routed or Engraved

Routed Timber Signs

Timber signs offer a great opportunity to create individual and distinctive signs for visitor attractions and more commercial properties.  We have outlined in the section below examples of recently produced routed signs – these are manufactured on CNC routers and usually have indented graphics.  Please also refer to the section on sandblasted signs for further ideas and options.

Shelley Signs produced routed signs in a variety of timbers including oak, Douglas Fir, larch, pressure treated softwood and Iroko.  We also produce routed signs in recycled plastic, HDU sign foam, foamex and a wide range of PVCs.

Please do remember that all wood or timber signs will weather down over time – most timbers developing a silvery sheen.  This is a natural process and cannot be stopped.

White Caves.  This full colour, printed entrance sign, was supplied complete with an oak frame and posts.  The option to rout or carve the site name into the top of the frame adds a degree of interest while also saving space on the printed sign.

Brimstone Finger Post.  Many directional finger posts are produced in timber with oak and pressure treated soft wood being popular choices.  This finger arm, acting as the directional sign, has indented or routed graphics, also often referred to as engraved text.  Painted black.

Airbus.  A routed oak sponsorship sign or plaque with indented or engraved text.  Wall mounted with the text left unpainted.

Round Fingerpost.  Rather than square finger posts round posts can be a popular choice – especially if the sign arms are pointing at difficult angles.  This post was produced using play ground quality pressure treated softwood while the sign is softwood with routed or engraved text, painted to an agreed colour.

Arvon.  This was one of a series of routed wood direction signs created for the Arvon Foundation in South Shropshire.  The timber was locally sourced Cedar and the text routed or indented using a CNC router and painted off-white.  Supplied complete with timber posts.

Solihill.  A routed oak site entrance sign produced in sustainably sourced timber.  The text is indented or engraved into the oak wood and painted white.  Supplied complete with oak posts.

Dropmoor.  This is a good example of a very simple, routed or engraved soft wood sign. The timber and posts were pressure treated and stained mid green with a microporous stain.  The text in indented and painted white.

RSPB.  The decorating of wooden or recycled plastic sign posts with engraved or routed text can be very effective.  Here the oak post is routed and the letters painted black

Buddy Bus Stop.  A good example of a routed cedar wood sign with the timber etched or engraved with both text and image.  The graphics are tactile and the sign set off by being an oval rather than rectangular shape.  We recommend the approach of painting the text but leaving illustrations as silhouettes.

St Mary’s Church.  Timber notices boards, whether oak or pressure treated softwood, are set off well with a routed timber sign or header panel.  This example was produced in oak with the text engraved or routed into the header panel sign and painted white.

NYMNP.  A classic routed or engraved park entrance sign.  Produced in treated softwood with the timber stained and the indented text painted white.  The unit includes several planks of which some are designed to allow routed information to be changed on a seasonal basis.

The Mall.  A good example of a routed oak sign with indented or engraved text set into the timber.  Produced on a CNC router with the text painted black.  Wall mounted.


Dog Walk  Local authorities and parish councils often find that discreet timber signs enforcing byelaws are more effective than something designed to look bullet proof.  This routed wood sign was produced in Cedar, the indented or engraved text painted off white.

Knowsley Council.  We have supplied routed Cedar play area and open space signs for several years.  With routed graphics on locally sourced Cedar wood they produce a simple but interesting and distinctive entrance sign.  Usually supplied complete with pressure treated softwood posts.

Steph’s Kitchen.  An interesting café entrance sign produced in routed oak text with indented or engraved lettering.  The slight shape to the sign is subtle but adds a genuine level of interest.  The oak sign post was also supplied by Shelley

Tea Rooms.  So much more interesting than a printed full colour sign.  This routed oak sign with engraved letters blends well with the rustic oak style of the main building.

Wildlife Only.  A good example of how effective a simple, routed softwood sign can be.  Clear, distinct and yet does not look out of place in the environment.  The routed or engraved text was painted and the sign supplied with treated softwood posts.

Pitsford Marina.  This distinctive site entrance sign was supplied in oak, complete with routed or engraved text.  Three routed oak planks and a main header panel, timber oiled and the indented text painted. Supplied with oak posts.